HubSpot Automation

Function: With the HubSpot Create Deal Automation, you can use form data to automatically create a new deal in your HubSpot Pipeline of choice. 

Benefit: This automation is largely beneficial for a Sales Workflow. If you know at some stage in your workflow that you want to consider a lead as a potential new deal, you can add a HubSpot automation to that stage and the new deal will be added to your Pipeline. This saves you the time of having to manually enter data into the deal on HubSpot. 

How does it work? 

Title: After selecting HubSpot - Create Deal from the Action Items, you can give your Action Item a title. By default, this title is set to 'Create Deal', but you may want to give it a more specific title so you can differentiate your HubSpot action items as you continue to build out your workflow. 

Choose Completion Mode: For more information on Completion Mode, see this article: Completion Mode

Connect a HubSpot Account: 

Before you can connect to your HubSpot Account, you need to adjust a few settings for the user that is building the connection. In HubSpot, go to Settings and select the Users and Teams section. Find the user that is going to connect Reflective and HubSpot and click on the Actions dropdown next to their name. Select Edit, CRM and then CRM Tools. Toggle all four of the CRM Tools to their ON state. Now you're all set to connect Reflective and HubSpot. 

In Reflective, click on Sign in with Hubspot and a Hubspot Sign in page will open in a separate window. Select the account where you would like to add a deal from the account options. 

The window will give you a warning saying that the app hasn't been reviewed or approved by HubSpot. For technical reasons, we are not a part of the HubSpot community, but it is safe to continue connecting despite this warning. Hit Connect app. 

Once connected, your HubSpot pipelines should load into the Pipeline dropdown menu. Select the pipeline where you would like to add a new deal. 

Hit Continue to move on to the Customize stage.

Customize HubSpot Action Item

Required Fields: In the customization phase of the HubSpot Automation, the Deal Name and the Deal Stage are required fields. 

Deal Name: Give your new deal a name by typing it in or use field data by clicking on the blue plus button to the right. 

Deal Stage: Select the deal stage from the dropdown menu. 

All the other Customize fields are optional, but allow you to add additional data to your new deal. Again, you can use the blue plus sign to the right of each field to access a field item dropdown menu, allowing you to add form data. 

Review Action Item 

In the Review stage, you will get a preview of all of the HubSpot New Deal fields and the type of data they will receive from your automation. If everything looks good, click 'Turn on Automation' and it will fire automatically on all future submissions. 

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