Approval Flow Automation

Function: With the approval flow automation, you generate an automatic prompt that asks you if you want to approve, reject or skip a certain submission. If you choose approve, the submission automatically moves to the Approved stage. If you choose rejected, the submission automatically moves to the Rejected stage. 

Benefit: For forms and workflows you are able to review a form submission and make a decision regarding its approval.

Example: If you had a form where people could submit their offers to purchase an item you're selling, you can review their offer input and decide whether to approve or reject their offer.

How does it work? 

Start by selecting Approval from the Action Items options. 

Title: After selecting 'Approval' from the Action Items, you can give your action item a title. By default this title is set to 'Approval', but you may want to give it a more specific title so you can differentiate your approval automations as you continue to build out your workflow.

Completion Mode: The Approval Automation only has the Human Touch option available. For more information on Completion Mode, see this article: Completion Mode

Review Action Item 

After choosing Completion Mode you will get a preview of the data for that form. This is showing you what a form will look like when you review it and choose to Approve or Reject it. If the preview looks good, hit 'Turn on Automation' to use this automation on all future submissions.

Using the Automation

If you click on a Submission Card, the Approval Automation will appear in the Automation list for that submission. If you click on it you will have the option to reject or approve it. 

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