Getting Started

Welcome to Reflective! 

Reflective is all about building custom automated tasks that save you time and let you focus on your most important work. Building a workflow involves three simple steps that can be accomplished in minutes -- and with no code required. 

Forms. All the fun begins once you create and share your first form. Your form can be anything from an order form to anything your team needs. Share your form or fill it out yourself to get your first submission. See Create a Form to read more or hop to our Home Page and hit 'Create Form' to start designing.

Submissions. Each form has its own submission board, laid out with different stages from start to finish. We provide you with a default board, but you can easily customize it. See Customize Submissions Board

Automations. Once you've built out the stages of your workflow, you can begin automating action items needed at each stage. These action items allow you to build a template incorporating user data that fires when you want and how you want. See Build an Automation & Types of Automations to learn more. 

Once you've completed all three of these tasks you'll be up in running in Reflective. 

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