Google Sheets Automation

Function: With the 'Add Row Google Sheets' automation, you can access your Google sheets and automatically transfer form data into a Google Sheets table. 

Benefit: This allows you to instantly collect all of your data for different forms in one place. Using our automation set up, you only have to link the field data to their respective columns one time and then the process is automated for you on all future submissions. 

How does it work?

Start by Selecting 'Add Row Google Sheets' from the Action Items options. 

Title: After selecting 'Add Row- Google Sheets' from the Action Items, you can give your action item a title. By default this title is set to 'Add Row', but you may want to give it a more specific title so you can differentiate your Google Sheets action items as you continue to build out your workflow.

Choose Completion Mode: For more information on Completion Mode, see this article: Completion Mode

Specify the sheet where you want to add the data. Start by connecting to your Gmail account. Once connected, your Google Sheet documents should appear in the Document drop down menu. Select the specific document. Now that you've chosen your document the individual sheets or tabs of that document should appear in the Sheet drop down menu. Select the sheet and hit continue. 

After you've chosen your sheet, all of the column headers will be displayed on the next page. Hit the plus button on the right of each field to access all the form data options. Add the respective form data you would like to sync to each column of your Google Sheet. 

Review your automation

Once you've linked the form data with the Google sheets columns, you can preview what the row addition looks like. If it looks good, hit 'Turn on Automation' and it will work on all future submissions.

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