Airtable Automation

Function: With an Airtable Automation, you can transfer user input data from forms to your data tables in Airtable. 

Benefit: Skip the hassle of manually transferring data from a form to Airtable. Let Reflective's automations handle it for you. You don't lose any of the selectivity when you build a custom automation to handle the specific data you want. 

How does it work? 

Start by Selecting Airtable from the Action Items options. 

Title: After selecting 'Add Row- Airtable' from the Action Items, you can give your action item a title. By default this title is set to 'Add Row', but you may want to give it a more specific title so you can differentiate your Slack action items as you continue to build out your workflow.

Choose Completion Mode: For more information on Completion Mode, see this article: Completion Mode

Connect Airtable Account: 

Enter the email address associated with your Airtable account in the first field. 

Then go to to access your API key. 

Copy your API key from the purple box and then return to your Reflective tab. Paste the key in the API key field and hit submit. 

Once you've connected to your Airtable account you need to enter your Airtable Base ID as well as your Airtable Table. 

To get your Base ID, first navigate to and select the desired base for connection. The Base ID will be in the intro section of the API and will look something like appxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Copy the Base ID and navigate back to Reflective. Paste the ID in the Airtable Base ID field. 

You'll need at least one row of data in your Airtable base for Reflective to recognize the base. 

Now type in the Airtable Table name where you would like to add a row of data. Hit 'Continue' to start customizing your Airtable Automation. 

Customize Airtable Action Item

Once you've connected to your account and input the Base ID, as well as the Table, your table columns should be displayed in the Customize stage. Here you can include mentions from form input data that will get added to that column in the new row you're building with this automation. 

Review Action Item

In the Review stage, you will get a preview in table format including the row you have added to your table. This displays what will get exported back to Airtable when your automation is fired.

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