Email Automation

Function: The Email Automation allows you to auto-send a pre-written email incorporating personalized touches with form data. 

Benefit: Rather than manually sending the same email template every time you get a new user, you can configure that email template once and have it send on all future submissions in a stage of your workflow. 

Set Up Email Automation

Title: After selecting Send Email from the Action Items, you can give your action item a title. By default this title is set to 'Send Email', but you may want to give it a more specific title so you can differentiate your Email action items as you continue to build out your workflow. 

Customize Email Automation

You can customize the sender, recipient, subject and body of your Email action item. 

  • Sender & Recipient: You can hardcode in an email if you want the email to be from or be addressed to the same email every time. Otherwise, you can pull an email address from the form data by clicking the blue + button and selecting Email from the fields. 
  • Subject & Body: Write the Subject and Body templates in the windows provided. To incorporate form data, click on the blue + button and select the field you would like to include at that location in your message. For example, you may want your Subject to say "Welcome to the Team (First Name)!" where the first name is unique for every form submission that you would like to contact. In this example, you would select 'First Name' from the field dropdown. 

Review Email Automation 

The Review stage provides a live preview of the Email you have configured. If it looks good, click "Turn on Automation" to set it live and start using the automation on all future submissions. 

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