Slack Automation

Function: The Slack automation allows you to automatically send Slack notifications and customized messages to channels of your choosing. 

Benefit: By adding this automation to your workflow, you can instantly send out a unique notification every time a submission card enters some stage of the workflow. 

Set Up Slack Message

Title: After selecting Slack Message from the Action Items, you can give your action item a title. By default this title is set to 'Send Message', but you may want to give it a more specific title so you can differentiate your Slack action items as you continue to build out your workflow. 

Connect Slack Account: Click on the arrow to access the dropdown menu and connect to your Slack account. If you have already connected accounts, they should appear as options in the dropdown. Otherwise, click Add another account at the bottom and a pop up Slack window will help you connect to your Slack account. 

Select Slack Channel: After you have chosen your Slack account, all your channels should appear in the dropdown as options for the Slack Channel. The message notification you are configuring will land in whatever channel you select. Hit Continue and you have finished your Set Up. 

Customize Slack Message

Write Slack Message: Write whatever message notification you would like to share every time this action item is fired. You can further personalize this message, catering to individual users, by adding in user data from the form fields. 

Adding user input data: To add user input data anywhere in your message, click on the blue + button in the upper right corner of the window and a dropdown will appear with all of the input fields for that form. Select whatever field you would like to include and your notification will pull that data from the form, including it in the Slack message. 

Hit Continue to move on to the review stage. 

Review Slack Message 

The Review stage provides a live preview of the Slack Message you have configured. If it looks good, click "Turn on Automation" to set it live and start using the automation on all future submissions. 

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