To-Do Automation

Function: This essentially adds To-Do item to your workflow. For example, if you built a Contact Form and the user inputs their phone number, you may want to generate a To-Do item that reminds you to call the user. 

Benefit: The To-Do Item helps you keep track of things that have been accomplished for that submission. 

How does it work? 

Title: When configuring your To-Do Action Item, give it a descriptive title that will serve to remind you of the task you need to accomplish. In the phone call example, you may make this title 'Call the User'. 

Note: The To-Do action item also allows you to add a note in your task. If you want to make your title a general reminder, you could add in more specific notes on the task in the notes section. Using the + button, you can access the user data from the form fields to personalize the note for each submission.

Once your To-Do action item has been configured and set live, you can view it under the Action Items for card submissions. 

The panel on the left displays the action items fired for that submission card. Here we can see two Custom Tasks: Call User and Email Customer. These serve as reminders to complete certain tasks and once the task has been accomplished, you can hit 'Complete' on that task to mark it as Completed in the Action Item panel. 

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