Viewing Automations

You can view and manage the automations you've created in two ways. 

1. Through the Automations Tab

Each form has its own Automations Tab. The Automations Tab allows you to manage all of your automations in one place. Your different stages are displayed. Each stage has a drop down where you can view all of the automations you've built in that stage. You can set the automations to ON or OFF, add new ones, and go into settings to edit current ones. 

2. Through Submissions Board Shortcut 

Additionally, you can access and edit each of your automation action items by clicking on them from the submissions board. The action items sit right under the title of each stage. You can click on them to see their preview as well as go back into the editor. 

When you click on an action item it will open the live preview of the action item. If you want to change something about it you can click on 'Set Up' or 'Customize' in the Edit Automation panel.

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