Build New Automation

In this article we will discuss the two places you can go in the Reflective app to start building a new automation. Then we will outline the process to build one from scratch. 

Where do I go to start building an automation? 

1. Go through the Submissions Board

You can start building straight from the submissions board. Click on the lightning bolt under the stage name and the Automation Builder popup will appear. 

2. Go through the Automations Tab

Alternatively, you can start building a new automation by clicking 'Add Automation +' under the desired stage on the Automations Tab of a form. 

Step-by-step guide to building an automation

1. Select Action Item Type 

Select the action item you would like to add to your workflow. 

2. Set Up: Give it a title 

Give your action item a title so you can reference it later and know the difference between action items of the same type. 

3. Set Up: Choose Completion Mode

You can choose between Human Touch completion mode or Automated completion mode.

Human Touch: Human Touch Completion Mode requires a person to review the action item before a submission fires it. During review, they can either choose to approve the action item, edit it or skip it altogether for that individual submission. 

Automated: Automated completion mode will fire the action item automatically when a new submission enters the stage containing that action item. 

4. Set Up: Connect to account & choose proper channel / spread sheet / etc. 

Depending on the action item type you have selected, you may have to connect to your account on the connected app such as Airtable, Slack, Google Sheets, etc. Go ahead and connect your account. 

Once connected, you will be given more specific options for your action item such as the Google Sheets Doc or Slack Channel where you want your action item to land. Follow along and fill in the required fields. 

5. Customize: Write a message and add content to your action item. You can personalize it for your audience by using form data fields. Hit the blue + button to the right of the window to access all of the form data options. 

6. Review & Set Live: Once you've customized your automation, you will get a preview of what you've built. If it looks solid, click 'Turn on Automation' to set it live. You can always come back and adjust it later. 

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