What is an automation?

Automations are at the core of what we do best here at Reflective. We have created automations that speed up your workflow and get rid of tedious tasks- allowing you and your teammates to work more efficiently and focus on the work that matters.

Reflective recognizes that each team has a unique workflow. At different stages of this workflow, you may want different actions to occur. Maybe this means you send a Welcome Email every time you get a new user. Maybe you want a Slack notification every time you approve an order request. Using our no-code platform, anyone on a team can easily automate these tasks and personalize them to fit team goals. 

Our Automations

Our collection of automations includes internal and external action items. 

Native: Custom Form, Task, Email, and Approval Flow

External: Slack, Zapier, Google Sheets, and Airtable

Click on any of the automation types for more information. 

How does it work? 

You can generate unique automations at different stages of your workflow. An automation is like a template that has a basic structure you get to pre-configure. User data from forms is then incorporated into these automations to personalize them for each user. 

Reflective incorporates human touch into the automation process. Rather than generating a rigid workflow of if-then triggers, Reflective gives power to the user to decide when certain actions happen and what those actions are. Each automation allows you to choose between Automated and Human-Touch Completion Mode. Additionally, action items are only fired when the user moves a submission into a new stage. 

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