Welcome to Submissions Board

Welcome to your submissions board! On this board, you can customize the stages of your workflow, move submissions through stages, and add new automations. 

Accessing Submissions Board

How do you access the submissions board? A submissions board exists for each form in your collection. To access a submissions board, first go to the form you'd like to access through the Home Page. Once in that Form Builder, navigate to the Submissions Tab as shown. 

Default Submissions Board 

When you create a form, this default submissions board is automatically generated for you. The default workflow includes four stages:

  • Ready for Review
  • Requested Changes 
  • Rejected 
  • Approved

What can you do on your submissions board?

'Add Automation' Shortcut 

From the submissions board, you can access the automation builder instantly. Simply hover over the lightning bolt under the stage where you would like to add an automation. Click on it when it expands and you can begin configuring your new automation. 

Keep Track of Submission Count

In the header of each stage, there is a number in a grey circle representing the number of submission cards under that stage. 

Customize Submissions Board Workflow 

Although the submissions board comes with default stages, you can adjust this board to include whatever you want. You can change the names of the stages, add new ones, or delete them. 

To learn how to edit your submissions board see this article:  Customize Submissions Board 

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