Update Avatar

What is my avatar? 

In Reflective, your avatar is the circular image displayed in the top right of your Nav Bar. 

Google Signups: If you sign up for Reflective using Google, your Avatar will automatically get set to your Google profile photo. 

Email Signups: If you sign up for Reflective using your email, your Avatar will get set to a random color with your First and Last initial. 

Guests: Guest users, or users that are not signed into the Reflective portal, will have the letter 'G' in their avatar. 

Personalize your avatar 

You can update your avatar through Account Settings. Account Settings are accessed through your account avatar on the right of the Nav Bar.

In Account Settings, select ' Change' from the photo option. A window will open allowing you to select an image from your computer. Find an image you would like to use and hit open. 

Crop the image to your liking then scroll down and hit 'Crop'. The new image should be displayed in your photo section of Account Settings. If you like how it looks, hit 'Save Changes' to set it live on your account. You can always go back and change it later. 

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