Edit Form

Even after you have completed and shared a form, you are able to go back into the Form Builder and edit it. Once edited, you can share the new version.

To edit your form, select the form you would like to work with from your Home Page. Selecting a form will take you to the Submissions Board of that form. Click on the Form tab from the menu to access the Form Builder: 

Once you have reached the Form Builder, you can edit the fields and titles just as you did when you made the form initially. You can change titles, delete field items, or add new ones. 

Change Title: To change the title of a field item, click on the field item and delete the current title from the grey text entry box. Enter your new title and hit enter. It will save the changes automatically. 

Delete Field: To delete a field item from the form, click on the field item and hit the trash can that appears in the upper right corner. 

Add Field: To add a new field item, click on the 'Add Field' button at the bottom of the form builder. Select your Field Item Type. Give the new item a title and hit enter. 

For more information on creating a form, see this article: Create New Form 

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