Create New Form

Forms are used in countless workflows for countless purposes. Start building forms that fit your needs with Reflective's form builder tool that allows YOU to decide exactly what information you need. 

Creating a form takes four simple steps. 

1. Navigate to Form Builder. 

2. Give your form a title and add instructions

3. Choose User Input Fields and give them titles. 

4. Complete your form and start sharing! 

The Create Form button can be accessed from the Home Page. Hit Create Form  to navigate to the Form Builder. 

2. Title your form & add instructions 

Begin your form by giving it a descriptive title and adding instructions that you want all recipients to see.

3. Choose form fields & give them titles.

Hit the Add Field button and choose the field type you want included in your form. 

After you've chosen the Field Type, you can give that field a title or leave it with the default. 

4. Complete your form and start sharing! 

Once your form is designed to your liking it is ready to share! Reflective has been autosaving your form as you go so no need to hit save. Hit Open Form to open the shareable form in a new tab. Copy the link in the search bar and share it through any platform. You can also fill out the form yourself to generate your first submission!

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