Reflective Glossary

Let's explore Reflective's key terms:

Action Item: An Action Item is a task automatically completed with an automation. 

Automation: An automation is a task that gets completed automatically when you move a submission into a specific stage. Reflective provides internal automations (actions in the Reflective app) and external automations (actions in other apps). You can build automations in Slack, Google Sheets, Email and Airtable. 

Completion Mode: You can choose between Human-Touch or Automatic completion mode for each automation. Automatic completion mode will fire automatically without review. Human-Touch completion mode requires a person to review the action item before it is fired. 

Fired: This refers to the action of triggering an action item.

Form: The document you can customize and build to take in all sorts of user data.

Form Builder: The Reflective tool where you can build and personalize your own forms, then share them with the world. 

Human-Touch: Any action item can be approved, completed, skipped, tweaked or delegated before it executes. Put the finishing touch on action items that need you. 

Stage: Stages are the columns in your workflow submissions board that represent each step a submission could potentially go through during its lifecycle. You can build as many or as little as you want on your board. You can build different automations in each stage so that they fire when new submissions enter that stage. 

Submission: A submission refers to any time someone fills out and submits your form. 

Submission Card: When a submission is completed, a submission card is generated on your submissions board with all of the user data from the form. 

Zapier Integration: The Zapier Integration allows you to generate Reflective submission cards with user data from other mediums. You can capture data from emails, google sheets and more. 

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